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- Paysafecard LogoWhen it comes to enjoying online poker, it is easy to see why many people will have concerns about signing up for a poker site and handing over their details. Even though online poker sites work extremely hard on their security and look to provide players with a safe and secure platform to play online, some people will always have concerns. For many people, the biggest issue comes with handing over banking or financial details, because this is something that we are encouraged to keep as private as possible. Even though online poker sites offer a high standard of security, it is understandable why many people would prefer not to provide any o... More >


- At Max Poker Bonus, we love poker bonuses and so do you. However, this was not our first love and before we found ourselves falling in love with the turning of a poker card, there was another type of card that we loved to collect. Well, cards and sti... More >


- When it comes to making the most of your opportunities to play in the big poker events, you need to look out for satellite events. The fact that there is a massive guaranteed game with a $500,000 prize pool on offer from Party Poker has to be seen as... More >

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- There are many great things about poker but one of the game’s strongest points is the fact that there is something for everyone. The mainstream media presents an image or identity about a poker player that indicates they are hardened gamblers with... More >


- While there are many different poker promotions to choose from, it is hard to argue with the excitement and drama that is provided by a poker promotion that sees you ranked against fellow players. Not only are you looking to defeat your peers when yo... More >

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Max Poker Bonus Gives You More

With a name like Max Poker Bonus, you would be expecting an excellent range of online poker bonuses and we are proud to say that you will not feel disappointed. We are big poker fans like you and we were tired of missing out on great poker deals or seeing too many poor poker deals being hailed as something special. With so many poker sites to choose from, there is no need to settle for second best and we are here to ensure you grab the best poker bonuses.

Online poker is getting more and more popular by the day. With so many sites coming and going, it can be tricky to find a good one. Online guides like PokerSites.co.uk help players of all levels find the best bonus at the most trusted poker room. You can then play with confidence and peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy the game.

We have a great range of experience and a long list of contacts in the online poker industry, so we can offer you the best bonuses. We have also been able to negotiate some special bonuses that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, which means that we should be your number one poker choice. We often provide special bonus codes that can see you bag a bit extra when it comes to poker bonuses.

We have a passion for poker

Max Poker Bonus
Theo Adams & Doyle Brunson

We have a strict criterion for poker rooms and if we don’t like a site, we don’t recommend it to you. We have a huge passion for poker and we don’t want you wasting time on sites that can’t be relied upon or don’t offer enough games or tournaments. We get hands on with poker sites, we test them thoroughly and really play online poker, and we give you our opinions and the facts on the sites we like.

The thing is, we don’t want to just welcome you on to the site to tell you things, we want to offer you more too. You will find a bonus calculator on site, allowing you the chance to work out the various poker bonuses with respect to how much you want to deposit. Some poker bonuses can appear enticing at first but then are less attractive when you work out the returns and what you have to do to earn your bonus.

We also provide an M-Calculator, which will help you to track your progress and determine your current position in a poker tournament. Staying in the green zone means you are comfortable but when you start sliding into orange or red zone territory, there may be a need to be more gung-ho to stay in the tournament.

And when it comes to tournaments, never miss a big moment by following our tournament schedule. Make sure your calendar is clear for all the major poker games and tournaments that are coming up!

Get all the best poker bonuses and offers

Not only does limiting our poker room recommendations ensure you can get the best information on the best places to play, it ensures we can keep you up to date with all the latest poker bonuses and offers. We keep a close eye on the poker rooms we recommend and when there is a change to the bonuses on offer, we will let you know. It doesn’t matter if it is a no deposit bonus, a matched deposit bonus, reload bonus or any other form of poker bonus, we will keep you fully informed with the latest changes to poker bonuses on offer.

Not only will we keep you up to date with the latest bonuses, we are a portal for UK poker news. If there is breaking news regarding UK poker players, poker tournaments or events in the UK or anything poker related with a quintessential British twist, you can guarantee that you’ll find out about it on this site.

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Max Poker Bonus is a website related to offering top notch poker bonuses. You can surf our site, pick up one of our poker bonus offers and start playing online poker with maximum profit.