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You can easily get lost in today's bonus jungle. Often players only realise months after their first deposit that they could have gotten a better deal at a different poker room. We want to help you make most of your money before even having played your first hand of poker by finding the best poker bonus for your spending money.

But how can you possibly find the optimal bonus for you? How can you compare best which poker room offers the best poker bonus option for your specific individual amount of money that you are willing to deposit? It's simple really: just enter the desired first deposit amount into our Max Poker Bonus Calculator and see for yourself how much bonus you will get in the various poker rooms when signing up using our Bonus Code.

Try our Bonus Calculator for yourself. Simply play around with various amounts of first deposits and see which is the best poker bonus for each of these amounts.

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PokerStars Bonus

Use our Max Poker Bonus Calculator to find out which online poker bonus suits you best. Just fill in an and the calculator returns the exact poker bonus you'll get on your first deposit.

Furthermore, you can browse our site to find lots of interesting poker related information, such as poker tips and an interesting and up-to-date poker blog that delivers you the best promotions running at the most prominent poker rooms on the web.

PKR Poker Bonus

Bet365 Poker, one of our best online poker rooms

An excellent and easy to clear bonus in increments of $10 and lots of rewards for reaching higher VIP levels (and advancing through the levels is very easy) such as better rates for converting your Merit Points to cash... Bet365 offers all that and much more! A definite recommendation for bonus collectors and serious poker players! Make sure to use referrer code MPB1000.