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With PKR boasting of being the most advanced poker room you can find online, the site is clearly proud of what it offers and the software that drives the site. There is no doubt that the 3D graphics and innovative gameplay has turned many heads towards PKR but will it be the online poker home for you?

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PKR Poker Software

The PKR software runs on the PKR network, a popular network that can only be found on this site. Given the unique nature of the look and feel of the PKR site, it is understandable that they would prefer to keep the software for themselves, which means if you want to play poker in this fashion, there is only site you can turn to.


The features of the PKR software mean that it is the closest online poker gets to the live poker experience. With characters that can be fully customised and having the ability to control the emotions of characters, there is no doubt that this style of play is streets ahead of many other online poker sites. If you have always loved a good bluff and being able to misdirect your opponents, there is no doubt that this style of play is for you. With the ability to accessorise your character to great degrees, the PKR software allows you to play as close to yourself as you will ever get the chance to with online poker.

There are always thousands of poker players online, at all different levels of the poker spectrum and with plenty of guaranteed tournaments to look out for, this is a poker site that has plenty to offer to new and experienced players alike. You will need a lot of memory and if you are at a busy table or a lot of tables, there may be the odd lag in play but there is no doubt that the PKR experience is like no other.

Download PKR Poker

Given the power of the software and what it provides for players, there is no surprise that the download size is bigger than most of the other online poker downloads. You will need to have space for a 600MB download if you want to enjoy PKR on your PC.

In addition to the Windows download option, there is a Mac version for PKR players, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun.

PKR Mobile

PKR Mobile

There is a mobile version of PKR available but users should note that it is only available for iPad 2 users and above. The iPad version of PKR proudly proclaims that the 3G engine is in full effect and this app can be downloaded from the iTunes store for free!

There are a number of great features included with the mobile option, including:

  • The ability to play real money poker games against thousands of players
  • The chance to play on the same tables and in the same games that you would when logging in from your home PC or Mac
  • A choice of 40 3D avatars
  • Free practice games and real money games available anytime of day or night
  • Quick access to the most popular poker games.
  • Chat options
  • Dynamic camera angles for when you are not involved in a hand
  • Lobby filters, a range of tables and so much more

Most people would expect to get a lesser version of a poker site on their mobile device but it seems as though the PKR download version has everything you could want or need to make the most of your time spent playing poker, wherever you are!


The tournament schedule on the PKR site should be one of the first places you examine on site and you will find that there is plenty on offer. There are game taking place all the time so even if you have a limited period of time to enjoy playing online poker, you will find plenty to look out for with PKR.

Hold Em No Limits games are by far and away the most popular form of online poker game on the site but you will see a good array of Omaha Pot Limit, Omaha No Limits and Hi/Lo games on offer with the site. These games are enjoyed as cash games or guaranteed prize tournaments so whatever type of poker challenge you are in the mood for, PKR will be able to deliver.

With the site averaging around 6,000 daily players, this is a site where you will receive plenty of challenges when it comes to online poker so make the most of your opportunities.

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Facts and Figures for PKR Poker
Company locationAlderney
Founding date2006
Quality insuranceAlderny Gambling Control Commission
PlatformsWindows, Mac
Multi tablesYes, up to 9
Resizable tablesYes, any size
Game variationsHold'Em, Omaha (Hi-Lo)
USA playersNo
ProsOutstanding 3D graphics, Bonus up to $800. Lots of fish
ConsNeed a high-end computer, Only four tables at once
SupportE-mail, Web form
Live chatYes
Telephone UKNot available
Telephone Intl.Not available

PKR Poker Testimonials

    • PKR Poker Pros 3D, fish, great graphics

    • PKR Poker Cons Nothing tbh

    • Wonderful multi player poker software. It is the most beautiful site I have seen, the Ferrari among poker rooms. The play money games are a lot of fun too. Love it. If you want to play agains me, my name is GianLucaUK.
    •   An Italian in the UK, United Kingdom
      Monday 11th March 2013, 13:49

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PKR Poker Bonus

PKR Poker, one of our best online poker rooms

PKR offers an online poker experience of a different kind. With state of the art graphics and a lot of flair, PKR tries to simulate a live poker experience - and does it quite well. Playing poker on PKR is a very unique experience and this special atmosphere has brought a lot of users to the PKR network already. The client is also available for Mac!