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The World Poker Tour is a name that poker players around the world love and the dream for many players is to find themselves at a table at one of these major poker events. However, for players that don’t have this opportunity, playing on the WPT Poker site is possibly the closest players will get the chance to live out their poker dreams and perhaps win a satellite event that will take them to one of the best poker experiences of their life.

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WPT Poker Software

The fact that tens of thousands of players use the WPT Poker site on a regular basis indicates its popularity and it would be fair to say that the software is a strong reason for this.


You will find an increasing number of online poker sites providing players with a Fast Forward option and this is definitely something that appeals to many players. If you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy playing poker, being able to jump in with a hand at a table that is ready to play can be very convenient. Even when you fold your hand you will find that you are moved to another table instantly. Anyone looking for a speedy poker experience needs look no further than WPT Poker with Fast Forward.

If you are the sort of player that worries about missing out on the biggest games because you forgot, make sure that you use the tournament reminders feature available on site.

If you have a preferred seat at a poker table, it is able to choose one which the site will remember and then will place you at it every time you sit down. This can be good for players that are superstitious but it will provide a great bonus when playing multiple tables.

Another strong feature is the auto top-up and buy-in feature which will ensure you buy into cash games and will top up your stack for cash games when it falls below a level you set it at.

If you feel you often miss out on playing a hit hand, you will be glad to hear that there is a hot hand warning that will ensure your attention is turned to a table if you get a particular hand or if a notable raise has been provided.

If you want a break from poker, there is a blackjack option on site and if you would prefer to have a different theme, this is available too, providing a greater degree of flexibility for players to enjoy.

If you want a big name you can rely on, the WPT Poker site is one to rely on.

On the WPT Poker site, you will find:

  • Sit and Go Single-table
  • Multi-table
  • Shootouts
  • Heads up

Options which means that you should be able to grab the gaming option that suits you best.

Download WPT Poker

The download size for the WPT Poker site is 11MB and this is available for all PC players. The download will be complete in a manner of seconds and the installation process is a very simple one. Even poker players with a minimal amount of skill or experience in using a computer should find that they are able to get on to the site with no difficulties.

There is an instant browser option which means that all poker players will be able to enjoy the great range of poker games available on the site. Mac users will be delighted to learn that there is a download option that is available for them to use too.

Sadly at the moment there is no mobile option for the WPT Poker site.


When it comes to cash or tournament games, you will be able to play:

  • Hold Em Games (No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit)
  • Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo (Pot Limit and Fixed Limit)
  • Stud games (Hi and Hi-Lo)
  • 7 Card Stud games (Hi and Hi-Lo)

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WPT Poker Bonus

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