Bwin Poker Bonus

Bwin Poker Bonus Code

Bwin Poker Bonus Code

Use Max Poker Bonus' special Bwin Poker bonus offer for maximum profit when playing online poker!

First Deposit Bonus

If you make a first deposit at bwin Poker you can choose between 3 different poker bonus offers. New players signing up through Max Poker Bonus will receive up to a 100% poker bonus up to $500.

You will of course be able to choose a lower poker bonus (100% up to $100 or $250 respectively) if you prefer to deposit less. The minimum deposit is set at €10 and you will need to make that first deposit within the first 10 days of your registration at bwin Poker. See below for more details on the bonus.

Bwin Poker Reload Bonus

There is no regular reload bonus at bwin Poker but there are special reload promotions and offers from time to time. Bwin does care about loyal players.

Clearing Your Bwin Poker Bonus

So you can choose a poker bonus of 100% up to $100, $250 or $500 - but what is the difference between them or why don't they simply say 100% up to $500 (clearly when you deposit $100 you will receive $100 bonus at any of these bonus variations anyway). Well, there are 2 main reasons for you to choose carefully between the 3 offers.

First of all let's take a look at the Poker Points needed to clear these offers. While the $100 bonus needs to be cleared by collecting 10 bwin Poker Points per bonus $, our $250 and $500 bonus offers require 8 points per $ - and the amount of points collected will of course depend on the rake you produce. But why would the lower bonus require more points than a higher one? That's where the fact that these are lump sum deals comes into play.

While you need less points per $ the higher bonus offers nonetheless require you to gather more points overall in order to clear them. And you have to clear your preferred bonus in its entirety. If you fail to do so within 60 days of your deposit you will forfeit the poker bonus. So think carefully whether you will be able to collect 1,000 points for the $100 poker bonus or 2,000 for the $250 (or 4,000 for the $500 bonus). Keep in mind that it is better to have a slightly lower poker bonus that you are able to clear instead of a high one that you fall short of.

You will receive Poker Points for each raked hand that you play as well as for all Tournament Fees paid. When participating in Tournaments you will receive 5 PPs per $ of Tournament Fee. In Cash Games it is a bit more complicated.

At bwin Poker there is a rather new system that also takes into account your activity in Cash Games over the past 90 days. Depending on this and the amount you paid into the pot your amount of points gained can vary greatly. While it is a bit weird not to have a strict point conversion we found out - after some early scepticism - that this new system actually pays out more points per rake in general. The maximum amount of points per hand (for all players) is limited to 9.75 Poker Points whereas you could gain a maximum of 3 PPs before the new system.

We feel the offer is very interesting and fair, the necessary PPs should not prove too difficult to achieve if you play regularly. However it would be a shame to miss out on your chosen poker bonus just because you end up short a few points due to overestimating your dedication and level of play. The choice is yours whether you want to risk a higher poker bonus or play it safer with a lower one.

Important: In order to take advantage of the bwin Poker bonus offers your first deposit has to be made within 10 days of registering at bwin.

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Bwin Poker, one of our best online poker rooms

Bwin Poker offers various special promotions that keep getting updated frequently in order to bring new interesting offers all the time. Another big plus is the possibility to play in your browser which means you can play at this renowned online poker room regardless of your OS. You will find some tough competition in the higher limits while the lower limits are still swarming with fishes.