General Information

ecoCardecoCard is an e-wallet (electronic wallet). Just like you would put money into your actual wallet in order to pay at your local shop you can virtually put money into your ecoCard in order to use their system to pay in the internet or deposit into your poker account. In order to take advantage of ecoCard’s service you simply have to register at their homepage for free.

Creating Your ecoCard Account

Creating your ecoCard Account is as easy as counting to 3 and it is completely free:

  1. Go to and click on “Registration”.
  2. Provide the required data (e-mail address, user name, password,…) and choose your preferred currency.
  3. You will receive an activation e-mail.

Payments and Transfers

  1. Log into your ecoCard account.
  2. In the menu choose “Money Deposits”.
  3. Choose your preferred method of deposit.
  4. Make your transaction according to the instructions (if needed print them out).
  5. Confirm your deposit.

Poker Payouts with ecoCard

The poker rooms accepting ecoCard (see right-hand side) will transfer the money from your poker account to your ecoCard account without additional fees for you. You can then transfer your money from your ecoCard account to your bank account.

Tips and Hints ecoCard Poker

Please be advised that some poker rooms will compare the e-mail address used in your poker account with the one that you used for ecoCard. If these e-mail addresses do not match you may not be able to deposit money on your poker account using ecoCard! Contact the poker room in question beforehand to make sure!

If you want to use your ecoCard account primarily for poker purposes you can simply choose to use $ as your preferred currency when opening your account if most of the poker rooms you will play in use $ as their main currency (still the main bulk of the rooms do).

You will receive a 10-digit account ID at ecoCard on opening your account which you will have to enter manually when making deposits or transfers. Make sure to keep this information safe.

Any money transfer to your poker account using ecoCard usually is executed immediately and you will be able to access and use the money momentarily.

You can transfer money from one ecoCard account to another without any problems or fees.